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My SIMPSON Moto-X Helmet!

I just finished decorating my Simpson motoX helmet:
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Hand crafted from red vinyl adhesive sheet.


Aviation Questions & Answers

Aviation humor 101
Originally posted by The_Stealth_Owl:

Q: How hot is the blades of a Me-262 while at ful power?
A: Depends. The compressor section blades get hot and the turbine section blades get pretty f***in' hot.

Q: What planes have metal covered control surfaces?
A: There are millions of aircraft designs. Be specific.

Q: What happens if you accidently go to space in a WWII plane?
A: cant happen. CAN'T HAPPEN. Can't happen.

Q: What happens when you break the sound berrier?
A: you suddenly go faster than the speed of sound.

Q: If you go to fast, could your windsheild break?
A: Yes. It happens. Ever notice how a crack spreads on a car's windshield the faster you go?

Q: Are they using any WWII planes today?
A: Yes. but "using" is limited to put-putting around.

Q:Whitch planes had an area for luggadge?
A: How much luggage? All airplanes have a space for the pilot's tote bag. Well, most anyway.

Q:What happenes when a plane gets struck by lightning when its grounded?
A: Lightning will pass through it and discharge into the ground.

Q: How many volts are in the aircraft bateries?
A: Most aircraft systems work off 12 or 24 Volt batteries.

Q: Did they have LEDs back then?
A: The first led was invented in the 1920's. However they did not become a practical electronic component until 1962.

Q: What planes had guncams?
A: Lots. The list would be shorter if you had asked which airplanes didnt have guncams.

Q: Did they carry a gun in teh cockpit?
A: Pilots are military officers and have a sidearm as part of their dress. Wether a pilot decided to bring a gun with him his cockpit or not was up to him.

Q: How heavy was a fully loaded Pilot?
A: Beer is a liquid based on water. Water weighs 1kg per liter. Seeing as pilots probably drank 3-4 pints of beer a night, a fully loaded pilot would weigh about 10-15 pounds more than his given weight. Well until he went for a pee or threw up in the garbage can behind the mess.

Q: Were the planes fire-proof?
A: Fuel, oil and surprisingly, aluminum burn very well. So no.

Q: How heavy was a fully painted aircraft?
A: Paint should add about 5-6% of the total weight to an aircraft.

Q: What planes had AC?
A: AC is a standard feature on all aircraft. Generally it is activated by opening the window above 12000 feet.

Q: What planes had cockpit cussions?
A: The ones that the pilots did not have to sit on their parachutes.

Q: What did the pilot do if he had to go to teh bathroom?
A: some aircraft had relief tubes.

Q: What did he do when he was hungry?
A: He ate.

Q: what did he do when he was bored?
A: imagine what it would be like if he wasnt.

Q: Did they play I-Spy using the radio?
A: probably not.

Q: How many planes had radio?
A: all the ones with antennae.

Q: What planes could hang by the prop?
A: none.

Q: Was teh YP-80 stealth?
A: If the germans werent looking, then yes.

Q: What if the Pilot got thrirsty?
A: He drank.

Q: What did he do if his throttle stick broke?
A: 2 options....at full throttle, turn back home and shut the engine off to land. If stuck at idle, turn home or towards friendly territory and land in a field (forced approach).

Q: Which planes had a defroster?
A: What are we defrosting? Chicken?

Q: Which planes had fire extinguishers?
A: Engine fire extinguishers or in-cockpit fire extinguishers?

Q: Should I stop, or keep going?
A: Stop.

there... I answered all your questions. Now go outside and play. Or if in school, turn off the computer and go learn something from a teacher.