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10bit PWM PIC servo controller

Here is the source files of my PWM project. Both Assembly and HEX files.
Hope you find it helpful. It offers full 10-bits resolution of the PWM designed to be used with servo motors.

PIC servo controller

Finally i managed to drive my SG5010 digital servo using a PIC (pic16f887)

Here is my code in Mikrobasic:
program MyPWM_numca
' * Description
' PWM library was unable to drive the SG5010 digital servo, so i am writing
' my own program. It will read Analog from PORTA.0 and it will create pulse
' of apropriate width every 20ms in PORTC.2
' * Test configuration
'     MCU:            P16F887
'     Dev.Board:      44pin demo board
'     Oscillator:     internal 4Mhz
dim temp as word

sub procedure WAIT(dim temp10 as word)
dim i as word
i = 0
for i = 0 to temp10
next i
end sub

ANSEL = 000001          ' Configure AN0 pin as analog
TRISA = 000001          ' PORTA is input
TRISC = 000000          ' PORTC is output for pulses
TRISD = 000000          ' PORTD is output for temp

while true
temp = ADC_READ(0)
PORTD = temp
PORTC = 000100
WAIT(temp div %1000)
PORTC = 000000

Here are the files of this project.

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Elevator Trim Wheel added.

Saitek's X52 was fitted a multiturn elevator trim wheel. I used LEGO gears and a large LEGO motoX wheel with the tyre, to give a aircraft-like look. (click on photos for larger view)

Pedals upgrade! v1.3

I just finished upgrading my rudder pedals. They are now using pneumatic rods for centering.
(click on photos for larger view).