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See you on Feb 12th..

Miskatonic's team (ie me) will be taking a time off, to concentrate on the exams.
I'll be back!



Electronic schematics (.pdf downloads).

Are you looking for electronics schematics?
  • TVs
  • Mobile phones
  • UPSs
  • Radios
  • Amplifiers
  • everything else 

From Russia with love..

Thank you Mystaki G


PC power supply modification. ATX PSU hack with regulated variable voltage and LCD voltmeter.

I needed a PSU (Power Supply Unit) for my electronics projects, so I modified an old ATX PSU (computers' power supply unit). It outputs a total of 400W and has a regulated variable voltage output of 1.25V to ~21.75V (DC).
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I used a LM317 voltage regulator, some switches and the original PCB of the PSU. The project turned out to be extremely easy to build, minimum soldering, finished it in 1 day!

The original PSU was  a Τ & P MEIJI, Model: MEIJI 400-ATX (400W) and it now outputs:
  •  +3.3V, 28A
  • +5V, 40A
  • +12V, 18A
  • -5V, 0.3A
  • -12V, 0.8A
  • Vvariable: 1.25V - 10.75V or stand-alone 1.25V - 21.75V
Ελληνική δημοσίευση: http://www.hlektronika.gr/forum/showthread.php?p=337521#post337521

Read more for more photos and schematics...