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A-SIM video

Here is a demo-video of how A-SIM works.

Unfortunately i do not have an efficient way of showing the airflow through a camera..


A-SIM: Create airflow to feel the airspeed you fly/drive

I finished building a project i had long time in mind.

It is called A-SIM and it is a serial-interface peripheral which reads airspeed and sideslip values from the game through X-SIM and simulates what the air would feel like in an open cockpit. To create the airflow, it uses computer fans. In my case, it outputs around 4.25 m3/minute (~150 QFM), which is quite a lot. I have used it for IL2 open-cockpit airplanes, but it can be used for racing simulators too.

It is based on the PIC16F887, powered by 12Vdc, drives up to 4 PC fans(!) and its total cost is below 20 EUROS.

With 4 PC fans one could get around 10 m3/min, you would need goggles to face the screen!
(Schematic and .HEX file published)


ICARUS ONE kit for J.A.K.

On Tuesday i shipped another console to J.A.K. from the Nederlands. Being a true Dutch, J.A.K. requested a Fokker G.I. to be engraved on the console, so i did it. The result was great!

J.A.K. suggested buying only the console box, with all the internal electronic connections done by him, so he bought it as a "DIY-kit". 

The cost was less than the 1/3rd of a finished ICARUS ONE, so he came up with a very economical package.

Some more pictures:

Photobucket Photobucket

JYETECH oscilloscope case

I finished designing a case for my oscilloscope. It was bought from JYETECH.COM as a kit, so it did not come with a box.
I created a box from black plexiglas, and housed it in. I added an internal 9v battery (PP3-type) to be able to use it as a mobile instrument. I also fitted a POWER ON/OFF slide-switch and a BACKLIGHT ON/OFF switch to extend the battery life time. Finally, I created the connections for easy RS232 serial interface with a computer, to extract screenshots from the oscilloscope and a plexiglas cover for the fragile LCD screen.

Here are some more pictures:

The total cost of it was around 12 EUROS.
Please contact me if you are interested in one.