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A-SIM: Create airflow to feel the airspeed you fly/drive

I finished building a project i had long time in mind.

It is called A-SIM and it is a serial-interface peripheral which reads airspeed and sideslip values from the game through X-SIM and simulates what the air would feel like in an open cockpit. To create the airflow, it uses computer fans. In my case, it outputs around 4.25 m3/minute (~150 QFM), which is quite a lot. I have used it for IL2 open-cockpit airplanes, but it can be used for racing simulators too.

It is based on the PIC16F887, powered by 12Vdc, drives up to 4 PC fans(!) and its total cost is below 20 EUROS.

With 4 PC fans one could get around 10 m3/min, you would need goggles to face the screen!
(Schematic and .HEX file published)

Here are some limited pictures because i am having problems with my digital camera...
(Click on the thumbnails to see full size photos)



i used my PC's power supply to power A-sim, through the 12V line (yellow-black)

Here are the settings which were used in X-SIM:
~a01~: I.A.S.  IAS_settings.jpg, IAS_math.jpg
~a02~: L_Slip L_Slip_settings.jpg, L_slip_math.jpg
~a03~: R_Slip R_Slip_settings.jpg, R_slip_math.jpg

USO Settings for X-SIM

The code and the schematic can be found here: A-SIM.zip

I will upload some videos soon.
Hope you find it helpful..

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