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USB powered Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote)

Here is a simple but safe way to power your Wiimote through a USB port, eliminating the need for AA batteries. It is easily done, even if it is your first electronics project!

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Here is PCB which can be used for the board:
and the same PCB file in printable PDF

Some more explanation:
  • This mod is based on a LM317 voltage regulator, which takes the USB's 5V and outputs 2.8V, ready to be used on the Wiimote. It DOES not destroy your wiimote, the only "hack" is a hole to pass the usb cable through (and an optional LED "power-ON" indicator light).
  • LM317 comes in these packages and the pinouts are as shown:


Coming soon

  • PC power supply unit (PSU) hacked to be used as bench power supply
  • USB-powered Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote)
  • AtMega16-base USB joystick
  • PIC-based PWM fan controller
  • Hall-effect sensors on the pedals