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Miskatonic Institute of Technology
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Upgraded pedals (v 2.1)

I dismantled the pedals to paint them but the sample paint was bad, and I did not proceed to paint it. But it gave me the opportunity of taking some better shots of the pedals and upgrading the braking mechanism.

Wide View 4

Wide View 3 Wide View 2

Potentiometer Close-up 4 Potentiometer Close-Up 5

Base Setup Pedals 1

Bearings and Springs Spring rods and Pneumatic Rods

Assembled Pedals 2 Assembled Pedals 3
All photos here: http://s202.photobucket.com/albums/aa220/klapatsimbanos/Pedals/?start=all

I would like to thank my Professor N.P.Petropoulos, for helping me out with the machinery work. Without his help, i would never have been able to build this with my bare hands :D

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